March 2018 is Big Score’s first birthday! Since then it’s leaned how to talk, and is finding its feet with the whole walking business. We’re very proud. Even more proud of what all of the amazing artists we’ve worked with this year have achieved.

LICE Artwork DSPs.jpg


Releasing The Human Parasite / The Pervert Endeavour (BSR001) was the only release I could dream of being the first record to come out on Big Score. Since their Nutmilk Demo’s which I released on my old cassette label the year before, they had gone from strength to strength and proved that hype with this release. If you havent already got a copy have a look HERE - or just head to our releases page to check out the Adrian Dutt artwork in its full glory. 

Matt Wilkinson gave the band their first spin on BeatsOne radio which was an awesome moment only to be equalled by Phill Taggart playing it on Radio 1, and then Gideon Coe on 6Music! woooooaaaaah. 

A real highlight was Alastair not turning up to a Loud and Quiet photoshoot until 30 minutes before the end because he had finished uni literally hours before. The pictures still looked amazing, I’ve literally got one framed on my wall. Rock n roll. To top it off Loud and Quiet included them in their Tracks of Year, as well as Rough Trade adding them to the counter culture compilation that I’ve been buying since I was a kid. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 18.02.57.png

said framed photo

We’re so excited to see what they get up to this year, having just announced they'll be touring with fellow Bristol heavyweights IDLES. Surely this is already going to be featured in many a gig of the year / decade / lifetime list. Rumour has it they're going to be unleashing something new soon which we’re beyond excited to hear.  Did anyone catch them at our stage at this years Labelmates? I smashed my phone in the mosh pit, its still not really working. Worth it. 

yowl margarita.jpg


BSR002 was My Headache Likes to Speak by our good friends YOWL. Everything kicked off after the most frantic single launch the George Tavern has ever seen. The accumulative amount of minutes spent without a crowd surfer was approximately 0. I spent most of the show stood on a chair enjoying the chaos. Loud and Quiet went on to call them the nastier version of Interpol and a ‘different prospect altogether’. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 18.05.50.png

said chaos

The video came out to acclaim in the NME and Dazed named them as one of 5 bands bringing guitar music back to life. ‘A black cloud for the disaffected to huddle under’. We last caught up with YOWL at the DIY Hello 2018 shows which they rightfully headlined and rightfully absolute ruled. Super excited to see what comes out from them in 2018. 


Confidence Cover.jpeg


Dead Pretties absolutely stormed in with BSR003 ‘Confidence’. The band had already been obliterating stages across the country since the release of their first single ‘Social Experiment’ through our friends at Nice Swan Records and we were beyond proud to release the next, and heartbreakingly, the last tracks of their amazing but short lived catalogue of releases. 




Confidence got so much love from Huw Stephens and Phil Taggart at Radio 1 as well as being playlisted on Radio X. Jacob did my favourite interview with John Kennedy on Radio X where he got lost in Belsize Park and outed Oscar’s secret holiday in Dubai while he listened from North London. DIY called them ‘stupidly fun’ but there was so much more to them than just this. Confidence was an attack, according to Clash it ‘completely slayed’ and slayed it did. The video featured the band caught in a Hunter S. Thompson style hallucination in a very pink room. It was a blast. 

Bubblebutt Artwork FINAL.jpeg


Our next release was the formidable Pink Kink (BSR004) with their double AA Bubblebutt / Munchie Magic. I went up to Liverpool to see them playing with the Moondlandingz earlier that year and was completely entranced by the dynamics and attention to detail in their set, if you have'nt seen them you have to, it really takes you through the motions.

bubblebutt press shot.jpg

"trans-european party punks"

In the second tour of the year where label mates teamed up (the first one being LICE and YOWLs amazing UK tour), Pink Kink headed out supporting Dead Pretties across the country. Spins on Radio 1 and articles in iD, Loud and Quiet, and the Line of Best Fit, all caught onto the reasons why we love them so much. They finished the year off touring the country with Pussy Riot which from the London show I caught was absolutely amazing. 

Dead Pretties WAter Artwork Pix.jpg



Our final release of the year was amazingly exciting and heartbreaking all at once. BSR005 - Dead Pretties - Water, was a full show of the writing abilities of Jacob, Ben, and Oscar. A deeply personal song it still gets me quite welled up even now. As the curtain fell on their triumphant sold out London headline at the Boston Music Rooms the 300 people who had been screaming along to every song had no idea they had just witnessed the last moments of Dead Pretties. I knew, I was very upset, I had too much to drink, I cried, it was embarrassing. Whatever rises from the ashes of Dead Pretties you can bet it will be every bit as special as everything they achieved together in the band’s short but brilliant lifespan. 

And with that onto 2018! I dont know what this year will hold but I’m damn excited to say that we’ve already signed the two most exciting new bands in the UK in my opinion. Hotel Lux will be releasing their new single with us and we’ll also be introducing Crewel Intentions. I hope you will be as obsessed with them as I am. 

A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who’s shown love over this last year, people we've worked with, every amazing artist (Alastair, Silas, Gareth, Bruce, Tom, Gub, Jake, Ivor, Mike, Jacob, Ben, Oscar, Ines, Bridget, Sam, Nina, Amanda) and to everyone who’s bought records, or streamed a track, or come down to a show, or reading this to the end. Gimme a shout and I’ll send you some stickers and badges. I'll cover postage, just put them somewhere good.